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2015 Major Sponsors, Extraordinary Donors, GOOD WILL Society Members and Fans of the Festival

The Heart of America Shakespeare Festival thanks our 23rd Season Fans and Donors for their generous support. Their contributions make it possible to keep the Festival FREE for everyone.  Thank you! 

MAJOR SPONSORS – $5,000 - $55,000
 Muriel McBrien Kauffman Foundation
 John C. Griswold Foundation
 R.C. Kemper Charitable Trust
 Neighborhood Tourist Development Fund
 Dr. Scott and Bernadette Ashcraft
 Missouri Arts Council
 Richard J. Stern Foundation for the Arts
 Burns & McDonnell Foundation
 Robb & Robb LLC Charitable Foundation / Gary C. Robb and Anita Porte Robb
 Francis Family Foundation
 Peter G. and Elizabeth Torosian Foundation
 Master Craftsmen Foundation 
 Scott and Susan Asner
 James B. Nutter & Company
 Greg and Deanna Graves
 DST Systems, Inc.
 City of Riverside
 Oppenstein Brothers Foundation
 William T. Kemper Foundation
$2500 - $5000
 Edward P. Milbank
 Ingram Family Foundation
  Dr. Mark Box
 The Sosland Foundation
 Curry Family Foundation
 ArtsKC Fund
 Greg Patterson/Uptown Arts Bar
 Hallmark Corporate Foundation
 Dennis D. Hennessy and Richard Carrothers / New Theatre
 Lathrop & Gage LLP
 Stinson Leonard Street

$1501 - $2499
 Gary Dickinson Family Charitable Foundation
 Joe and Kelly Privitera
 Shook, Hardy & Bacon L.L.P.
 Lisa and Blake Wendelburg

 $500 - $1500  GOOD WILL SOCIETY
 Robert and Phyllis Bernstein
 Michael and Whitney Black
 Dan and Ginnie    Bukovac
 Kay and John Callison
 Bunni and Paul Copaken
 Mike and Sherry Coughlin
 Beth and Shane  Coughlin
 Don and Patricia Daganais 
 Nathan Darrow – Old Gaspard, Inc.
 Dean and Patricia Davison
 Gabe and Megan Egli
 Gregory and Sandy Galvin
 Mark and Nancy Gilman
 Jim and Ellen Glynn - In honor of Dan and Ginnie Bukovac and Pat O'Neill
 Hartley Family Foundation
 Bill and Ruth Ann Hash
 Timothy Holmes
 Jim and Merrily Jackson
 Cliff C. Jones
 R. Crosby Kemper III
 Bill and Regina Kort
 Siobhan McLaughlin Lesley
 Linda Word and Don Mackey
 Ben and Elaine Mann
 Miller Nichols Charitable Foundation
 C. Michel Minor
 Sherrill  Mulhern
 Debra and Allen Parmet
 Stanley S. and Ardyce H. Pearson
 Jeff and Angela  Place
 Drs. Charles and Susan Porter
 Gabs Roman and Pete Roman
 Brock and Tami Rule
 John Rensenhouse and Darren Sextro
 Gloria J. and R. Scott Smith
 Dr. and Mrs. Robert Stokes
 Marilyn Strauss
 Maureen Taylor
 Wiliam and Nancy Thomas
 James and Sarah Weitzel

$250 - $499  GOOD WILL SOCIETY
 John and Ellen Aisenbrey
 Suzanne Allen
 Cecelia and Stewart Babbott
 Dr. Richard and Nancy Barohn
 Cecelia Baty
 Irv and Sue Belzer
 Joan Biblo
 William Blessing
 Steve and Andrea Bough
 Mary Shaw Branton
 Sharon Cassity
 Michael  Brigg - In Honor of Marietta Gregor
 Don Jackson and Stephen Brock
 Peter Brown
 John and Rebecca Brungardt
 Una K. Creditor
 Marilyn and Glion Curtis
 Bob Oliver and Jean Daugherty
 Michael S. Davis
 David Donovan
 David Earls
 Bill and Marge Eckhardt
 Denise Fields
 Bob and Teresa Germinder
 Bob and Jackie Gershon
 Tim and Cathy Goodger
 Donald Hall
 Nancy and Phil Hanson
 Jana Harper
 Jeff and Susan Hartnett
 Lisa Schubert Hickok
 Kim and Ted Higgins
 Darrell Hoffman
 Dale Jarka
 Keith and Juliette Johnson
 Dick and Sandy Jones - Fidelity SecurityLife Insurance Co.
 Elizabeth Rosin and Mark Kenneally
 Ann and John Kenney
 Patricia Konopka
 Michael Levin
 Chris Crenner and Kathy Levy
 Scott Lindsay
 Thomas J. and Julie Lynn
 Peggy and Bill Lyons
 Ben and Roxanne Martin
 Burney and Nancy Miller
 Pete and Michelle Mirakian
 Ernest Neighbor
 David and Gene Ann Newcomer
 Jeannette Nichols
 Loretta D. Riss
 James Jordan and Bruce Roach
 Connie and David Ross
 Alvin Schneider
 Stephen and Dolores Schroff
 Ed See
 Mary and Fred Sgroi
 Ron and Corrine Sidener
 Amanda and David Simms
 Susan Hard and John Simonson
 Mark and Candy Smith
 Barbara and Burton Smoliar
 Mary Lou Spalding
 Sandra and Steven Stites
 Ron Grebowiec and Eileen Sullivan
 Carolyn    Tillotson
 Alan Tilson - In memory of the Hon. Karen McCarthy
 Vickie and Dale Trott
 Daniel and Carol Dziadik Turner
 Liz and Paul Uhlmann III
 Cindie Unger
 Michael  Waterford
 Leanne Wiedmann - In Memory of Don and Nancy Wiedemann
 Michele and John Wilinski
 Phil and Kimberly Witt
 Ron and Barbara Wood
 Chip and Aline Zimmer

$125 - $249
 Gerald and Sandra Handley
 Thomas and Bonita Oothoudt
 Susan Brinkmeyer
 Diane Cassity
 Calvin Cink
 Judith Clark
 Michael and Leatha Cline
 Jean Monroe Dodd
 David Egli
 Kenneth and Yvonne Fee
 Shea Gordon Festoff and Barry W. Festoff, M.D. -  In Honor of Marilyn Strauss
 Mary Hegenbarth
 Anna Jaffe and Michael Horine
 William  Lindsay
 Robert  Lunn
 Print Tekk & Mailing
 Mike Weller
 Greg and Sara Wu
 Donna Thomason

$100 - $124
 Ronald and Rosemary Abbott
 Richard and Barbara Atlas
 Roger and Jeanne Blessing
 Nadine    Fritts-Kenney
 Ann Hauser
 Laurie and Chuck Jarrett
 Deedee  King
 George Langworthy
 Greg Lebold - Legacy Wealth Management
 Michael Mardikes
 Melinda McCrary
 Symie and Jay Menitove
 Rebecca Smith

UP TO $99
 Reed Alberg
 Miriam  Anderson, O.D.
 Jon Bentz
 Scott Butterfield
 Charlie and Kathy Calvert
 Brendan Davison 
 Laura Davison 
 Maria Davison 
 Darley Clevenger
 The Rev and Mrs. William Fasel
 William C.  Ferleman
 Phillip Franklin
 Mary Glen Fredrick
 Ann and Edward Kander
 Duane and Cosette Kelly
 Bernadine, Richard and Jeffery Kline
 Lance Locke
 Thomas  Maupin
 Geoffrey Parker
 Rick and Judy Tremblay
 John and Beth Wilczewski
 Yancey Family Charitable Fund
 Patrick Yount

MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAMERS  - In memory of Richard Preis, long-time member of our group and continuous supporter of the arts in Kansas City, and of Gloria Bandstra, active, enthusiastic supporter of the Festival.

 Diane Cassity
 Sharon Cassity
 Don and Patricia Dagenais
 Ann Hauser
 C. Michel Minor
 Ardyce H. Stanley S. Pearson
 Alvin Schneider
 James and Sarah Weitzel

 Daniel Fredrick
 Mary Glen Fredrick
 Alyson Germinder
 Elizabeth Cooper

Band-Aid Supporter
 Lisa Campbell Ernst
 Kate Haugan
 Eileen Jagoda
 Kevin King
 Jason Kralicek
 Scott Mason
 Cinnamon Paulette
 Sarah Cooper and Matt Rapport
 Kristin Smith

Band-Aid Developer
 Mike Beahm
 Jeff Church
 Rachel Dyer
 Kate Forristall
 Mike and Linda Gammon
 Felicia Londre
 Gary Mosby
 Pat O’Neill
 Carla Noack
 Ken and Jere Pike
 Jeff and Angela Place
 Laura Schwartz
 Rebecca Smith
 Erin Wight

 Band-Aid Producer
 Willow Baum
 Patricia and Dean Davison
 Ward Everhart
 Becky Kaiser
 Anne and Mike O’Leary
 John Rensenhouse
 Kelly Seward
 Sidonie Garrett
 R. Crosby Kemper III
 Liam Porter
 Bruce Roach
 John and Beth Wilczewski

 Festival Fan/Band-Aid Producer
 Brandon Burns
 Tammy Pike
 Richard G. Roady
 Darren Sextro
 R. Scott and Gloria J. Smith
 Stephen Chick and Kevin Chick Bowman

Good Will Society Member/Band-Aid Producer
 Don and Patricia Dagenais
 Siobhan McLaughlin Lesley

In-Kind Donors
 Dr. Scott and Bernadette Ashcraft
 Stephen Chick and Kevin Bowman Chick
 Clara Davison
 Patricia Davison
 Mary Glen Fredrick
 Lockton Companies
 Pat O’Neill
 Cindy Pratt-Stokes
 Jan and Ed Rogge
 Studio Dan Meiners
 Sturges Word Communications

 Script Sponsor
 Rainy Day Books
Special Thanks                                                                                          
 Robert McCain
 Kansas City Missouri Public Library
 Greg Patterson
 Rainy Day Books*
 Kansas City Art Institute*
 Kansas City Repertory Theatre*
 UMKC Department of Theatre*

Donors as of 5/28/15
 *denotes in-kind contribution